Just Playlists FAQ

1. How do I add tracks to an existing playlist? (Plus version only)

First, apologies for this being a bit non-intuitive. To do it, choose “Create playlists” from the main screen menu. Select the tracks you want to add as if you were going to create a new playlist. Now, return to the main screen and choose “Edit playlists” from the menu. Find the playlist you want to add the selected tracks to, select it, and then edit it. A box will pop up letting you know you have tracks selected.  Choose “Yes” to add the tracks. They will be added to the top of the playlist.  You can then use the editing commands to select and move these tracks to the desired position within the playlist.

2. I want to change where Just Playlists stores playlists. How do I do it?

By default, Just Playlists stores playlists in a folder it creates on your device’s internal storage called “/mnt/sdcard/justplaylists/playlists” (“/mnt/sdcard” may be different for your device). To change this, tap the far left button at the bottom of the main screen, which will take you to the “Choose a playlist…” screen. Navigate to the folder where you want to store playlists by tapping on a folder name to go into the folder or tapping the full path display at the bottom of the screen to go up by one folder at a time. When you’re in the folder you want to use, use the menu to choose the “Save created playlists here” item. Now, any new playlists you create will be saved here.

3. How do you see the songs in the currently-playing playlist?

There are several ways. Touch and hold the playlist name at the top of the main screen. You will be given a menu with a “Show playlist” as an option.

You can also choose the “Main screen menu->More->Now playing” option.

Lastly, if you have gestures enabled, you can swipe down on the album art to bring up the playlist listing.

4. Can you use gestures to control JP?

Yes. To enable gestures, go to “Main menu->Preferences”. Choose “Enable gestures”.   Now you can swipe on the album art as follows:

Up -> Choose a playlist
Down -> Show playlist/Now playing
Left -> Next
Right -> Previous

5. I don’t want to be asked if I want to shuffle a playlist when I load it for the first time or if I reload it. Can I turn this off?

As of version 5.3.0, you can. Go into “Preferences” and choose the option to “Disable shuffle query box”. Now, by default, playlists will not be shuffled on first load or reload. To change this behavior, click on the “Disabled shuffle load option” preference item. Here, you can change the default to be to shuffle or to take the same action as the last time the playlist was loaded. I like the last option, since I usually consistently shuffle or don’t shuffle certain playlists. If you choose this for a new playlist that doesn’t have a last action, it defaults to not shuffling.

If you want to override the disable and have the query box appear on a playlist reload, Go into the “More…” menu and choose “Reload playlist with query”.

6. I upgraded my phone to Android 4.x and now get an error when I try to save a playlist to or delete a playlist from my external microSD card. What’s going on?

As of version 4.x, Google has changed Android such that apps cannot write to or delete from arbitrary locations on an external microSD card. I’d suggest saving playlists to your phone’s internal storage. These playlists can still reference music stored on external storage.

Last update:  05/24/14

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