Just Playlists 2.1.0—Filename Color Coding, Playlist Creation Ordering Options

I’ve added a few small things to the program that are fairly helpful.  The most obvious is color coding for filename types.  Playlist files are now colored a shade of magenta in the playlist chooser and music files are colored blue in the playlist creation screens.  This helps to distinguish them from directories if they are mixed in with them, such as if you are saving playlists to the top-level of your microSD card.  I’ve also changed the color of selected directories and tracks to gold in the playlist creation screens, since this is more consistent with Android highlight colors and stands out better, especially with the blue music file coloring.

There is a new preference category under “Preferences” titled “Playlist creation options.”  The only option there now is “Sort alphabetically,” which is the default.  That is, unless you uncheck this option, when you create a playlist, all tracks will be sorted in ascending alphabetical order of filename in the resulting playlist.  In this case, I’m using “filename” to mean the complete filename with path.  Thus, the track with the name of “/sdcard/artist/album 01/01 – trackname.mp3” will come before “/sdcard/artist/album 02/01 – trackname.mp3”.  Now, if you uncheck the “Sort alphabetically” option, tracks will be listed in your new playlist in the order you selected them.  Thus, if you selected the second example track above before the first one, they would be ordered with the second track coming before the first in the resulting playlist.  This is handy if you want to explicitly order your music tracks in a playlist.

Things aren’t quite as obvious if you are selecting entire directories of tracks by long-pressing on album directories and choosing the “Select contents” item from the pop-up menu.  The results are what I think you’d expect.  If you select a bunch of single tracks from different albums and then select all the tracks for another album with a long-press on its directory, the album’s tracks will come after those selected before, with the album tracks ordered alphabetically.  I’m expecting that most people are naming their music files with track numbers as the first thing in the names, so alphabetical ordering will result in tracks ordered properly for albums.

Just to beat this into the ground, when ordering as selected is in effect and you long-press on an artist directory to select multiple albums, the albums will occur in alphabetical order in your playlist.  If you selected other tracks from other albums beforehand and select more after, they will come before and after the artist’s albums, respectively.

If the above is confusing, go ahead and give it a try and you’ll figure out how it works.  The reason I first decided to add the new option is that I was creating a playlist for an artist with several albums and wanted the albums ordered as they were released, from oldest to most recent.  Since the names of the albums didn’t happen to be alphabetized this way, I couldn’t make it work.  With this new option, it’s just a matter of selecting the albums from oldest to newest.

Finally, I added track tag info to the context (pop-up) menu headers for music files in the playlist creation screens.  This is just like what you see when long-pressing on a track name in the “Now playing” screen.

Rather than work next on the playlist editor, I’m going to be adding gesture-based control to the program.  That is, I want to be able to tap the artwork screen area to toggle playback and swipe there for next and previous track.  I tend to have problems hitting the right play control button when I have the phone hooked up to my car’s sound system and sitting on the dashboard, so I want a bigger target to aim my finger at!

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