Just Playlists 1.6.6—Bug Fix: Rotation While Loading a Playlist Sometimes Reset Last Playlist

I found and fixed a fairly nasty bug in Just Playlists, so I’m releasing a new version, even though the last one hasn’t been out long.

If you were on the playlist chooser screen, clicked on a playlist, and then happened to rotate your phone during the load, the save data for the last playlist you were using could have been corrupted, so that the next time you loaded it, it would have forgotten where you were and would ask if you wanted to shuffle it.  Also, if you exited and re-ran the program, it may have started without a playlist loaded, just like the first time you ran the program after installing it.  I’ve corrected both problems.

While I was at it, I also added a clickable link to this blog in the “About…” dialog box.

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