Just Playlists 1.6.5—Faster Track Information Display Transitions, Text Crawls, Bug Fixes

I’ve managed to shorten the time it takes to load the artwork and tag information as tracks change during continuous playback.  Most of the time, the track starts to play at almost the same time as the information loads on the screen and the seekbar resets to 0.  If you’re running other things on your phone or memory is short, it could affect the time things take to happen.  But, overall, it should work a lot better.

I also found a good way to enable long text lines to crawl across the screen, rather than just using ellipses to indicate some of the text has run off the screen.  I’ve implemented this wherever I could that made sense to me.

Beyond this, I found a few more bugs that could cause crashes or strange program behavior.  My favorite one was when my phone crashed and, after it restarted, Just Playlists thought that my playlist files had changed and started offering me the option to shuffle them.  As it turns out, sometimes the version of Android I have running on my phone seems to get confused about the time zone and sets file modification dates improperly.  Thus, Just Playlists sees the file as changed because of the new timestamp and offers to reload them from scratch.  To avoid this, I now store the playlist files’ MD5 checksums and only consider a file to have been changed if this changes.  Thus, the actual content of the file must change and not just its last modified timestamp.

As I stated in a previous post, the next enhancement to the program will be a playlist creator/editor.  This will probably be a bit of work, so the next update might not be for a while, unless I find or hear about a major bug in the current version.  I hope I can also roll out the playlist editor in increments, adding features over time.

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