Just Playlists 1.4.1—Show Current Playlist, Choose Any Track to Play

It’s time for another upgrade to the program.  Besides a few more small tweaks and fixes here and there, I’ve added a “Show Playlist” menu item to the main screen options menu (the one that appears when you press the “Menu” button”).  This will show the contents of the current playlist, in the current play order.  That is, if you chose to shuffle the list, it will be shown shuffled, with the currently playing track highlighted in green text.  The tracks are numbered in the order they’ll be played.  You can touch any track to start playing it.  And, if you touch and hold a track, a pop-up context menu will appear, with the ID3 tag information as the menu header.  The track information displayed in the list isn’t from the ID3 tags of the track files.  It’s taken from the playlist filename itself, with the track file’s name sans extension shown first, the directory it is in next, and the next directory level up shown after that.  I use this info instead of the tag info because it loads faster.  It’s also nice to be able to see the file names if you’re like me and name in “artist/album/tracknumber – trackname” fashion.  If you need to see the tag info for a track, just touch and hold for the pop-up info.

You’ll also notice a “Show Database” menu item.  Right now, it doesn’t do anything but display a “Coming Soon” informational message.  For the next release, this item will bring up a display of all the saved information for each playlist you’ve played.  It will also allow you to delete any of the saved entries.  This is particularly handy for cleaning out old entries for which there are no longer playlist files on your microSD card.  The entries don’t take much space in the program’s internal database, so if you never use this feature, it’s not a big deal and won’t affect Just Playlist’s performance.  But this gives you control of a previously-hidden part of the program, which is almost always a good thing.

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