Just Playlists 1.3.1—Pop-up Menus When Choosing Playlists, Minor Tweaks

I’ve added a couple things to Just Playlists.  I debated holding off on releasing them until I get some more substantial work done on the program, but these are fairly useful additions.

First, I renamed the “Touch” item in the options menu to “Reload”.  Now, rather than just updating the current playlist for later reloading, you can choose to reload the playlist immediately.  For Just Playlists, a “reload” means reading the playlist in from the microSD card as if this is the first time the program has seen it.  You will be given the option to shuffle the playlist, and the saved track position will be deleted.  Also, the idea of touching a file is a Unix-y thing that may confuse a lot of people.

The second addition is context menus in the playlist load screen.  This means you can press and hold on a playlist name and see a pop-up menu.  This menu allows you to choose to either load the playlist to where you left off last time you used it, or you can choose to reload the playlist from scratch, without using the saved position information from the last time you used the playlist.  The load option is identical to simply touching the playlist name, which works the same as previously.

One last change was made due to feedback from a program user (thanks Eric!).  The music file names in your playlist files can now use either forward slashes or back slashes between each element in the filename’s path.  In the past, you could only use forward slashes.  This may be helpful if you export M3U playlists out of Windows Media Player, which uses back slashes.

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