Just Playlists 1.2.0—Bluetooth Headset Controls

I’ve upgraded Just Playlists—up to version 1.2.0 now.  I did some behind-the-scenes stuff to make it behave better, but the major thing is the addition of the ability to enable control of the player via your Bluetooth headset’s music control buttons.  The technical parlance for this is that you can now take advantage of Bluetooth’s AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile).  If you have a Bluetooth headset that allows you to listen to music, it probably also has buttons for play/pause, next track, and previous track.  If you go into the preferences for Just Playlists, you can choose to enable these controls for use with the program.  The default is disabled.

It’s important to understand a little bit more about how Android handles Bluetooth headset buttons.  If you don’t have any other music player on your phone, the default Android music player program will receive headset button pushes, starting up if you push the play button and so on.  Other music playing programs that you download from the Market that can use Bluetooth headset controls should have a preference setting to enable/disable their ability to receive these button pushes.  Thus, if you enable another program to receive them, the default music program should no longer respond when you push a headset music control button.  If you enable more than one program to use the controls, you may have the wrong program respond to a button push.  Thus, I’d recommend only enabling one program at a time to receive these button pushes—and disable all of them if you want the default music player to respond.

If you enable Just Playlists to respond to button pushes, it won’t start playing when you push a button unless it is already running.  I decided I don’t like a music program starting up on its own if I accidently hit one of the control buttons.  Once you’ve explicitly started Just Playlists, it will respond.

Once again, my only Android hardware is a G1, so if you use the Bluetooth control stuff on another type of phone and it doesn’t work as described, let me know.

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