Just Playlists 1.1.2—Improvements and Bug Fixes

I’ve finished work on the second iteration of Just Playlists—version 1.1.2.  Here’s a summary of the improvements and fixes:

  • Added a “Preferences” menu item, which opens a standard Android preferences screen.  Look here for new features that can be enabled and disabled.
  • The current track’s position index in the playlist and the total number of tracks in the playlist can be displayed next to the playlist name on the main screen.  The default is not to show this.
  • Choose to have a playlist stop playing when the last song is reached or loop back and start over at the first track in the playlist.  The previous version repeated.  The default in the new version is to stop.
  • Fixed various crashes and inconsistent program behavior when the screen was rotated during loading of playlists while transitioning between screens.
  • When the program starts, the loading progress message box will appear.
  • If the last playlist to be loaded before the program is closed is changed, you’ll be given to opportunity to shuffle it when the program starts and re-loads this playlist.

I’ll continue adding the other features I mentioned in my previous post about the program, as well as a few other things that I think will be useful.  My first priority will be to fix any other bugs I find and to clean up the code as I find better ways to do things under Android.  The next new features will probably be the ability to look at the music tracks in the current playlist and Bluetooth headset control.

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