Just Playlists 5.3.0—Disable Shuffle Query Box with Choice of Default Options, “Show Playlist” Easier to Find

I’ve had a lot of requests to provide the option to disable the shuffle query box that always has appeared when a new playlist is loaded or an existing playlist is reloaded. I’ve added the “Disable shuffle query box” option item in the “Preferences”. The default action when this is enabled is not to query but to leave the playlist unshuffled. To change this default, use the “Disabled shuffle load action” item. You can choose to shuffle, not to shuffle, or to do the same thing to the playlist on reload as was chosen last time it was loaded or reloaded. I find this really handy, since most my playlists are always either shuffled or not shuffled, depending on whether they are a mix list or a list of albums. For a new playlist being loaded when this option is active, the list will not be shuffled.

You can still force the shuffle query box to appear when the disable option is active by going into the “More…” sub-menu and choosing “Reload playlist with query”.

The “Show playlists” menu item has also been moved from the “More…” sub-menu to the main menu. Folks were having trouble finding it.

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