Just Playlists 5.1.0—History (Most Recently Played) Menu Option, Bug Fixes

I found myself wanting to have a way to switch to my favorite playlists in a hurry.  Since they are usually ones I played recently, the best way to do this seemed to be a most recently played option in the menu—like what we’re used to seeing in computer programs like Microsoft Word.   I realized that the “Show database” option under the “More” menu was pretty much already fulfilling this need by showing database information on playlists in reverse chronological order.  So all I needed to do was add the ability to click on an entry to start playback.  I also renamed this option “History” and moved it to the main menu, swapping it with “Reload from scratch.”  I thought this made sense, since you can choose to reload the current playlist from scratch via the history.

There were also two bugs I fixed.  The first one was introduced in 5.0.0, along with gapless playback.  Sometimes, when the next track in a playlist was loaded, the progress time would be displayed as the “–:–“ placeholder.  This has been fixed.  The second one was found by a friend of mine who purchased a Samsung Galaxy S III and found that JP was prefixing song filenames with the full path to the title, even if it was already there.  That is, the Galaxy S III (and possibly older Galaxy phones?) sets the default path to internal storage as “/mnt/extSdCard/Media/Music.”  This was getting appended to filenames, even if it was already there when a playlist had been created on the phone.  This has been fixed.


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