Just Playlists 4.4.1—Fixed Compatibility with Older Android Versions

I received reviews for 4.4.0 saying that it was crashing on older phones that I believe are running Android 2.1.  I found that sizing album art up to 720×720 was causing crashes once in a while in the Android emulator running version 2.1.  I hope this is what’s causing the end-user problems, because I was able to make the 720×720 size conditional on newer versions of the OS.

I also added the AAC mime type “audio/aacp” that was coming up for one streaming source, though AAC streaming isn’t working right now…something else to look into.

One other change I made in version 4.4.0 that I forgot to mention is that a user contacted me and told me that streaming MP3s off of a cloud-storage site wasn’t working.  It turns out that the “content-type” HTTP header sometimes includes a charset indication after the mime type.  In this case, the “content-type” was being sent as something like “audio/mpeg;utf-8”.  I now remove the charset string before checking the content type.

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