Just Playlists 4.3.0—Updates for Android 4.0/ICS, URL Case Insensitivity

Just Playlists was not functioning properly under the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) SDK emulator.  The main problem was that a StrictMode class had been added and is enabled by default.  This prevents doing network operations on the main program thread–which I do within JP.  This was throwing a NetworkOnMainThreadException.  I disabled StrictMode to get the program working.  I need to go back and do things properly within my threads, but I’m saving that for after JP is fully functional under ICS.

I also had a report that URLs starting with “HTTP” rather than “http” weren’t being recognized.  I fixed this.

Another person has reported the he cannot edit or create playlists on his Galaxy Nexus running ICS, even after this program update.  The emulator doesn’t show this, so until I get a phone running ICS, it will be hard to debug.  Another problem I had with the emulator is that there seems to be a missing shared library called “libwvm.so”, so that neither my program or the stock music player actually play music.  So I’m going on faith to some extent that JP is really working for the most part under ICS.

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