Just Playlists 4.2.0—Ogg Streaming, Use of Native Streaming Support, Bug Fixes

I haven’t had time to add any new features to Just Playlists once again, but I have improved a few more things under the hood.  First, I was alerted by a couple users that I wasn’t allowing for non-MP3 streams, even when the codecs are supported on the phone.  I added stream types that I know of, chief amongst these being Ogg streams.  Even with this, Ogg streams don’t all play back reliably, though this may be an underlying Android problem.  Ogg streams also show a starting play time greater than 0:00.  I haven’t figured that one out yet, but it doesn’t really impact use.

Android versions 2.2 and greater offer native SHOUTcast streaming support.  Thus, I no longer massage the headers sent and received by the Android media service.  I don’t know if this will improve performance, but it should make it more likely not to be broken by future Android updates.  I also am no longer hard-coding my proxy server to port 8080–I let the device choose an unused port when the proxy is started.  And the media service no longer fails to start when a “Content-length” header isn’t received–it just issues a warning.  This means I don’t have to fake it out with a huge number.

Finally, I fixed some bugs, including a null pointer reference that was reported a few times via the Market.

The next new thing I want to add to JP is re-starting playback of a stream when it disconnects unexpectedly rather than just going on to the next stream listed in a playlist.  And, of course, I still have a huge number of new features to work on, as time allows.

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