Just Playlists 4.1.2—Update to Fix Problem Under Android Gingerbread Version 2.3.3, File Path

Google made a change in the way the Android OS handles media streaming in version 2.3.3.  In past versions, the HTML “Transfer-Encoding: Chunked” header was accepted but chunked transfer coding was not actually implemented.  That allowed me to get around not having an explicit content length for streaming media, though I couldn’t chunk the data stream.  In 2.3.3, Android is handling the chunked coding.  I’ve thus adjusted JP/JPP accordingly.

A new user named Grant found a problem with JP relative to how other programs interpret relative file paths.  In Unix, if you specify a file path like “/here/there/everywhere,” it means this is an absolute file path that starts from the root of the partition.  But it turns out that most/all music programs Grant and I have tried also see at is a valid way to refer to a relative file path starting in the current working directory.  It’s equivalent to “./here/there/everywhere” and “here/there/everywhere.”  I’ve updated JP/JPP to work the same way.

I haven’t had time to implement any new features–including a few suggestions from those using the program.  I’ve moved and started a new job over the last couple months, which hasn’t left me much time for Android programming.  I’m getting settled in and will try to get some new features out in not-too-distant future.

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