Just Playlists 4.0.0—Playlist Editing, Background Color Choices, Playlist Creation Directory Choice

I’ve added playlist editing to Just Playlists Plus 4.0.0.  You can edit single playlists or select a number of playlists and edit them as a whole, to create new, aggregate playlists.  Once a playlist is in the editor, tracks can be selected, deleted, copied, and pasted in a number of ways.  I hope it’s fairly intuitive and can be learned quickly with a bit of experimentation.

One nice thing is that it’s pretty hard to lose your edits.  Once you’ve begun to make changes to a playlist, you can exit the editor and even close the program and, when you choose to edit playlists from the menu once more, you will be taken right back into your last editing session.  Until you explicitly save an edited playlist or exit the editor without saving, you’ll always be presented with the playlist that is currently being edited.

The one thing that can’t be done right now from the editor is adding new tracks.  I’ll see if I can come up with a good way to do it.  But by creating new playlists and editing them into existing playlists with the editor, it’s possible to accomplish the same thing.

For both Just Playlists Plus and Just Playlists, I’ve made the default background color a shade of charcoal.  I received quite a bit feedback saying that the old gray color wasn’t ideal.  You can still choose the gray background or several others from Preferences.

Another feature is that, from the playlist chooser, you can now use the menu to specify the current directory as where newly-created playlists should be stored.  In the past, new playlists were saved in the directory where a playlist had last been loaded from or in the root of the SD card, if none had ever been loaded.  This is only applicable to the “Create playlists” function.  When editing playlists, they will be saved in the directory from which the edit is started.

Another new feature is that a default playlist directory is now created when the program is first run.  It’s called “justplaylists/playlists.”  Along with this, a couple sample SHOUTcast streaming playlists are included.

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