Just Playlists 3.6.4—Last.fm Scrobbling, Streaming Improvements and Fixes, etc.

I’ve integrated Last.fm scrobbling support.  That means, if you install a program from the Android Market like Simple Last.fm Scrobbler (SLS), it will detect when Just Playlists starts and finishes songs that are on your phone and send this information to Last.fm to update your listening stats.  If you don’t have SLS installed, scrobbling won’t happen.   Also, streamed music isn’t scrobbled, at least for now.  Information about song titles and artists isn’t sent to JP in a consistent format with SHOUTcast streams, so it would be a bit problematic to scrobble the info.

Thanks to Eric and others, I’ve been able to improve streaming a bit–particularly for MP3’s hosted on a server and played by clicking on an M3U playlist file in a browser.  There were problems getting JP to work reliably while doing this.  I was able to make some changes to the program that made it work, at least in most cases.  I also learned about a really neat program called GNUmp3d.  It is a streaming server that can be installed under Linux or Windows and which indexes your music collection and lets you browse and play it via a web browser.  If you are using an Android phone with JP installed, you can click on a “Play” link and a hosted M3U file will be sent to the phone which JP can play.  The only problem I’ve found is that Android doesn’t always seem to stream VBR (variable bit rate) files all that well, so if your music collection is VBR, you might have to set GNUmp3d to dynamically transcode your files to CBR (constant bit rate) for reliable playback.  Other than that, it’s a great way to avoid copying files to your phone if you have a large music collection.

I made a few other small fixes and improvements behind the scenes.  The one that is most visible is making Windows Media files (.wma) visible during playlist creation.  If you have a phone or app with support for WMA playback, you can use JP to play WMA’s or a least create playlists for play by apps that support WMA.

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