Just Playlists 3.4.3—Direct Track Time Entry, Quick-skip, Bug Fixes

I’ve added a long-press context menu to the song info on the main screen.  This has a “Go to time” item that brings up a dialog box that allows for entry of the minute and second point to go to in the currently-loaded track.  This is particularly handy for podcasts that might have certain content at certain times in the file.  For the Plus version of the program, I’ve added the ability to change the Previous/Next track functionality of the program to a quick-skip 7 seconds backward and 30 seconds forward.  This can be used in a podcast to skip through commercials, initial into content, etc.  Note that both of these features only work for local music files; streams are being continuously loaded, so skipping around like this isn’t possible.

Speaking of the Plus version, I’ve renamed the “Just Playlists for Donators” donate version of the program to “Just Playlists Plus.”  Most major upgraded functionality will only be in the pay version, though I will continue to improve the free version and add some new features.

Along with the above improvements, I fixed small bugs and crashes.  The two most noticeable are the proper display of non-square artwork and removal of progress bar lag.  Previously, album artwork that wasn’t square was being stretched.  It now displays with the proper aspect ratio.  Second, the progress bar wasn’t being reset to 0 at the same time as a new track’s artwork was loaded.  There was a bit of lag.  This has been removed, so that transitioning to a new track should look much “crisper.”

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