Just Playlists 3.3.5—Fixing Things: Headset Buttons under FroYo, Streaming, Import Restart

As usual, after releasing a major upgrade, the next week consists of fixing bugs that appear.  This time, part of the blame goes to upgrading my phone from Android 2.1 (Éclair) to 2.2 (FroYo).  This exposed bugs from small changes in the OS that affected Just Playlists.

First, headset buttons stopped working after upgrading to FroYo.  This seems to be due to a change in how Android handles broadcasts that happen when the headset buttons are pressed.  I found a way around the problem that is better than my original implementation.  Another FroYo issue was streaming audio being dropped with an error -1001 issued by Android’s MediaPlayer handler.  Once the stream was dropped, only a program restart would allow streams to be loaded once again without getting the -1001 error.  Though I can’t really fix what seems to be a bug in FroYo, I was able to detect this error and do an exit/restart of Just Playlists–restarting the audio stream, as well.

Having learned how to do the exit/restart cycle, I also now do this after a data import.  Previously, the user had to restart the program.  Now, it restarts immediately on its own.  I’d wanted to do this with the initial release of the import/export functionality but hadn’t figured out how.

I found a couple other small glitches unrelated to FroYo.  The bottom loop of the lower-case letter “g” was being clipped in song titles in portrait mode on 800×480 displays.  Interestingly, this only appeared on physical hardware; the Android SDK emulator didn’t show it.  Also, a spurious single-quote was appearing after the stream title display for some streams under certain circumstances.  This has been fixed.

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