Just Playlists 3.1.1—Save Hosted Playlists, Bug Fix for Long Track Positions

I’m doing another release fairly soon after the last due to another bug fix.  I also took the opportunity to add a new feature.

The new feature is the ability to save a hosted playlist that you’ve loaded via a web page.  If you go to a website like http://www.shoutcast.com and click on one of the “Tune In!” links and load a playlist for streaming to Just Playlists, you can now go to “Create playlist” and you’ll find a new menu item called “Save hosted playlist.”  This will let you name and save the contents of the playlist that you loaded from the Web.  The menu item won’t show up unless the last playlist you loaded was a hosted playlist.

The bug I fixed showed itself if you happened to play a track longer than around 35 minutes in duration (thanks to Scott for finding this).  The progress bar would reset to the beginning.  Also, if you tried to use the progress bar to move past about the 35 minute point, the progress bar and the current time into the track would reset.

Scott also had a couple of neat suggestions for features to add to Just Playlists that I hope to implement in the near future.  The features are the ability to skip forward or backward in a track by one minute and to go to an exact time position within the track.  Both features would be particularly useful for podcasts.

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