Just Playlists 2.3.1—Gestures for Playback Control, Layout Tweaks for High Resolution Screens

I’ve added gesture control to Just Playlists.  It can be turned on by going to “Preferences” and checking “Enable gestures.”  To use the gestures, just tap or swipe the main program screen within the album artwork area.  A tap will toggle playback—pausing playback if music is playing and starting playback if the music is paused.  A horizontal swipe across the screen from right to left will advance playback to the next track.  A horizontal swipe from left to right will take you back to the previous track in the playlist.  Swiping vertically up from bottom to top will open the “Choose a playlist…” screen and swiping vertically down from top to bottom will open the “Now playing” screen .  Note that these functions were available previously by using either on-screen buttons or the menu.  With gestures, you have a larger target area and don’t have to go into the menu.

Whenever you touch the screen to start a gesture, the artwork will flash gold until you finish the gesture by lifting your finger.  This is an indicator that the device has detected your gesture.

Note that Just Playlists will allow for swipes that don’t lie along precisely horizontal or vertical lines.  Up to 45 degrees away from the horizontal, a swipe is considered a horizontal gesture.  Beyond this, it is considered to be a vertical gesture.

The other change to the program was to better position the playlist name and song information on the main screen when in portrait orientation on devices with resolutions greater than 320×480.

For the next release, I hope to set things up such that Just Playlists will be offered up to open M3U playlist files if they are selected from within apps that allow for browsing the contents of the microSD card.  Also, when new music is loaded to the microSD card, the track tag information takes a while to be loaded by Android and may not show up in Just Playlists.  And, occasionally, the artwork may not show until the track is accessed by Just Playlists once and the program is restarted.  I should be able to adjust the program to detect this and add the tag information to the Android database of media information.

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