Just Playlists 2.2.0—Skip Missing Tracks Preference, Small Fixes and Improvements

I haven’t finished gesture-based control yet, but in the meantime I’ve fixed or improved a few things and added one new feature.

The new feature is a “Skip missing tracks” preference.  It’s off by default, which is how the program has behaved in the past.  That is, if there is a track listed in a playlist that doesn’t exist on the microSD card, Just Playlists will stop play and display an error message when it encounters the track.  The nice thing about this is that it tells you which track is the problem so that you can fix it.  The downside is that you have to manually advance to the next track to restart play of the playlist.  This isn’t good if you’re doing something where you can’t easily get to your phone.  For instance, I use Just Playlists when I run and have the phone in a belt case.  If playback stops, it’s a real nuisance to get at the phone.  In this case, I’d rather that the bad track is skipped.  That’s what the new preference setting does.  When you load a playlist, it is scanned to make sure each track can be found on your microSD card.  If it can’t be found, it isn’t included in the playlist as loaded.  The downside here is that you could have a bunch of misspelled tracks in your playlist that will never get played.  Also, if you’re loading a really long playlist with hundreds or thousands of tracks, the load will take noticeably longer, since Just Playlists has to do the extra checking.  So, I’d suggest only enabling “Skip missing tracks” when you load a new playlist likely to have errors and you don’t want playback to stop.  This should never be a problem with playlists you create using the program, since you can’t add a bad track name.

Note that the program is only checking for missing tracks.  I originally also verified that the tracks were playable.  This worked but was unacceptably slow.  So a corrupted or unplayable track will still stop playback with an error message.  If I come up with a way of speeding up verification, I’ll add it in the future.

The other small improvement I made is in the “Show database” functionality.  If you display your database and delete an entry, the entry listing no longer refreshes to the top of the list.  It will remain at the position where you deleted the entry.  This makes it a lot easier to clean up old entries.

As to fixes, there was a case where the name of a previously-loaded playlist could have been displayed on the main screen after returning from the preferences screen.  This no longer happens.  Also, if you had used the playlist chooser or playlist creator screens to go into a directory that you then deleted from outside the program—such as using a file explorer program—going back to the chooser or creator would have shown a blank screen that you’d have been unable to navigate away from.  I’ve fixed this, such that you’ll end up at a reasonable location on your microSD card.

I’ll be working on the gesture-based controls and hopefully have this ready for the next release.  I’ve also found the need for something I hope to add in a future release.  This is a filtering capability for the “Now playing” screen, so a string can be entered and only matching tracks in the currently-loaded playlist will show.  That way, you can find a specific track in a playlist without having to manually scroll through the entire list.

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