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Just Playlists 5.3.4—Music Playback Not Pausing When Headphones Unplugged or Bluetooth Headphones Turned Off

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

A user reported that music playback wasn’t pausing when he unplugged headphones from his device. This should have worked but, it turned out, unless the option to enable headphone buttons was selected within Preferences, it wasn’t working. I’ve fixed this. Now, whether this option is selected or not, music playback should pause when headphones are unplugged or Bluetooth headphones are turned off.

Just Playlists 5.3.3—More Icon Tweaks and Fixed Bug in Shuffle on Reload of Current Playlist

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

The pure white of the rounded rectangle of the Just Playlists icon was getting lost against some of the Google Play store backgrounds. So I added a light gray shading with a left-to-right gradient.

I also found that when the current playlist was reloaded without a query, it never shuffled, regardless of the user preference and last shuffle type. This was fixed.