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Just Playlists 5.3.1—Fix for Disappearing/Non-updating Notification and Code Updates for Current API Level

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

The notification for Just Playlists hasn’t been consistently updating with the current track information and sometimes was just disappearing altogether. I’ve fixed this. I’ve also started the process of updating the code for JP to use the most recent API features, getting rid of calls and dependencies on deprecated features. I started with creating what is known as a content provider as an interface to the underlying SQLite database that I use to store playlist information.

The next work I’ll be doing on JP is a way to work around the new “feature” in Android 4.x that doesn’t allow apps to save or delete files from arbitrary locations on an external microSD card. If you search the Web, you’ll find all kinds of discussions about this. I won’t add to the frustration being expressed, but I certainly share it. Android will still allow an app read/write access to its own private area on external storage, so I’m hoping to use this to add a feature to JP that allows a user to easily get to this area and use it. In the meantime, you can create and delete playlists on your device’s internal storage, so I’d suggest storing playlists there—they can still reference tracks on external storage.