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Just Playlists 4.4.2—Fixed Problems Introduced by Android Jelly Bean/4.1

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

I upgraded my Galaxy Nexus from Android Ice Cream Sandwich/4.0.4 to Jelly Bean/4.1.1 and found my playlists not loading and album artwork not being found.  It turns out that the preferred external media mount point for Jelly Bean is no longer /mnt/sdcard but was changed to /storage/sdcard0.  I’m guessing this is for purposes of being more generic and flexible as devices add more external storage options.  The /mnt/sdcard and /sdcard mount points are still there, but JP stores playlist file names and could not find playlists by file name in its database with paths prefixed with this new mount point string.

I’ve updated the program to consider all these strings equivalent.  I believe the problem with the inability of JP to find album artwork was related to this.  By using the getAbsoluteFile() method instead of getCanonicalFile() when constructing a name to search Android’s media database for album artwork and tag information, this problem seems to have been eliminated.

I’ve also made the minimum version requirement  to run this version of JP to be Gingerbread/2.3.3.  I hate to do this, but it’s becoming really hard to maintain backward compatibility beyond this.  I’m hoping that folks running older versions of JP under the older OS versions will simply not be offered this update.  I believe that’s how it works.

Barring Google offering another update soon that causes problems, I hope to do some actual program improvements for my next release.  I hear that the Jelly Bean SDK supports gapless playback.  That’s something I hope I can get working, since I miss it from my iPod days.